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Pupils’ powerful messages to climate conference​​​​​​​

Pupils across the West Norfolk Academies Trust have written powerful messages on climate change to be delivered to leaders at COP26 - including the stark warning ‘there is no planet B’.

Youngsters in all the primaries in the Trust have taken part in an initiative led by the King’s Lynn Klimate Concern group to make sure their voices are heard during the climate summit taking place in November in Glasgow.

Children from all classes - reception through to year 6 - were asked to think about what should happen to help preserve the future of the planet.

A selection of the messages from all schools will be gathered in an album which will be delivered at the summit to COP26 president Alok Sharma MP by King’s Lynn Klimate Concern.

Clare Enters, assistant headteacher of Snettisham Primary, who raised awareness of the project across our schools, said: “King’s Lynn Klimate Concern approached us with the idea to have a selection of messages to take to COP26.

“It is so important to have the voices of youth heard as it is their future.

“The children were really engaged and all ages were involved - the young children out together a collective poster, while Year 5/6 created individual postcards.”

Some examples of the messages gathered include one which asked the question - “why are not all homes eco-friendly?”.

Another said: “Let’s all come together as one big team and sort this mess out.”

Showing the children’s awareness of the urgency of the situation, one message warned: “There is only one planet - there is no planet B”.

Ms Enters said the project had inspired assemblies and discussions around climate issues such as whether enough was being done to meet the ambitions of the Paris Agreement, plastic pollution and destruction of forests. 

But she said there were wider concerns which pupils raised. 

“What really came across was the idea of being fair and what fair means,” she said.

“For example, the question of why everyone doesn’t have an electric car, because the majority of people can’t afford them.

“Children have a strong sense of justice and they felt it was not fair not everyone has enough to eat - when there is enough food why are people still going hungry?”

The messages have been delivered to King’s Lynn Klimate Concern, which will select a number to be included in the album to be taken to COP26.