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Ofsted praise for our school

Snettisham Primary School - part of the West Norfolk Academies Trust - has been praised by Ofsted inspectors for providing its pupils with a "supportive and ambitious curriculum" and a "well planned learning environment".

A recent Ofsted inspection found the school retained its Good rating, and said that pupils enjoyed a "challenging curriculum that is well planned and sequenced", helping them to "build knowledge and remember topics that they learned earlier in the year".

“Pupils experience an ambitious curriculum which includes well planned enrichment opportunities and trips,” the report continued. “In the early years, children experience a supportive and ambitious curriculum.

“They follow routines well and benefit from a well planned learning environment that includes a range of indoor and outdoor activity levels. This supports their development and means they are well prepared for Year 1.”

The inspectors also singled out the pupils at Snettisham describing them as "friendly and polite".

“Pupils enjoy coming to Snettisham Primary School,” the inspectors wrote. “They like seeing their friends and their teachers.

“During play time, pupils enjoy playing in the large, well equipped outdoor space. Pupils interact well with each other and with staff.

“They appreciate the praise and encouragement that staff regularly give them.”
Positive mention was also made of the school’s "effective’ safeguarding policies", with the report stating: “Safeguarding is prioritised by leaders and governors. 

Leaders have ensured that effective training is in place so that pupils who are at risk of harm are accurately identified by staff.”

It continued: “Pupils learn how to stay safe both on- and off-line.”

Snettisham’s inclusivity was also noted in the report. “Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) access the same curriculum as other pupils in the school. Special adaptations mean that they get the support they need to succeed.

“Pupils with SEND are fully included in school life. Staff are supported in making appropriate adaptations where necessary to support all pupils to access the curriculum.”

In addition, the school’s measures to promote pupils’ ‘social and cultural development’ were highlighted.

“Pupils can participate in a range of clubs and have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and take part in sports,” the report said. “A variety of trips and visits, as well as assemblies and lesson topics, help pupils to learn about other communities.”

During their visit, the inspectors particularly focused on early reading, mathematics and history, carrying out "deep dives" into each subject by speaking to subject leaders, visiting a range of lessons, viewing pupils’ work, and speaking to pupils about their learning experiences.

“Leaders prioritise reading in the school,” they concluded. “A well planned reading curriculum builds on pupils’ knowledge and enables them to make strong progress in their reading as soon as they join the school.

“Leaders have set up robust systems that identify all pupils’ reading levels. Support is in place to ensure pupils catch up quickly if they fall behind.

“The school library offers a variety of suitable books for pupils to enjoy. Pupils read daily in school or at home, and this helps them to quickly develop fluency in their reading.”

Head teacher Louise Jackson was delighted with the report and the school’s Ofsted rating.

“The Ofsted report and Good rating reflect all the hard work of the governors, staff, pupils and parents at Snettisham as well as our colleagues at the West Norfolk Academies Trust that has gone into making the school the positive and inclusive learning environment that it is today,” she said.

“We appreciate the many favourable comments of the Ofsted inspectors, and will build on those going forwards to make our school an even more enjoyable and rewarding place to be.”