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West Norfolk’s young musicians make music together

Young musicians from our schools came together to showcase their talents in a performance featuring a range of music from folk to classical.

The Norfolk Music Hub Playday, which took place at Springwood High School in King’s Lynn, saw young  instrumentalists of all ages, from primary through to secondary, perform as an ensemble orchestra.

Robin Norman was one of five tutors facilitating the event who were drawn from both the Norfolk Music Hub and our trust.

Mr Norman Head of Music at Springwood and WNAT said: “Any young instrumentalist who plays an orchestral instrument was able to come along, whatever their experience, and play in an ensemble together.

“They had not seen the music in advance, so it was a challenge for them to learn everything from scratch in just a few hours, before performing to friends and relatives. They performed a range of short pieces incorporating folk songs as well as classical and more lively transcriptions.

“Our role as tutors was to assist the young people in learning the music and being able to play together to make an excellent final piece.”

Mr Norman said: “This is the first of these in West Norfolk, but it is a precursor for more youth music through the Music Hub in partnership with the West Norfolk Academies Trust, as regular ensembles for all are being set up for September.

“The playday is one short part of this longer strategy that will lead to the formation of new youth music groups at King’s Lynn for orchestral musicians across many years.”

“At WNAT and Springwood we believe in giving students the opportunities to perform and become the best musicians they can be,” he added. “This is through a mix of practice, instrumental lessons, and bands and orchestra.

“All of these create a more rounded individual, and feed their love of making music – what more could we want?”