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Winning words for WNAT French students

Language students at a WNAT school showed off their French skills when they took part in ‘Le Grand Defi’ challenge.

Fifty Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils from Springwood High School were put through their linguistic paces by the Head of Key Stage 3 French, Elodie Favris, who devised the competition to test their French vocabulary, general knowledge, phonics, grammar and spelling.

“Students had to tick the correct box for each question,” she said. “There were 23 questions in total. If the answer was correct, they earned a point.

“The whole challenge was in French, so they had to use their translation skills, but also problem-solving skills, to complete the competition.”

The best three scores were chosen from each year group, with prizes including a 3D puzzle of the Eiffel Tower, comic books, books and French sweets.

Among the winners were Abi Wagg and Kira Beale, both in Year 9, and Jennifer Martin and Evelyn Erali from Year 8.

It was the first time the contest had taken place at the school, which is based in Kings Lynn.

“I designed this competition this year to promote fun, language interest and competition within the year group,” continued Miss Favris.

“The students enjoyed the challenge and the competitive side of it with their friends.”

“It is rewarding as a teacher to see pupils using what they have learnt in class during a new competition to push themselves outside the classroom,” she added.

“Students are taught to go above and beyond at Springwood High School; therefore I think participating in this was demonstrating this particular value.

“I believe the students enjoyed taking part in it, and it is something I will run next year too.”