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WNAT school celebrates Pride

Staff and students at a WNAT school showed their colourful support for diversity and equality when they held their very own Pride celebration.

Springwood High School in King's Lynn was marking the occasion for the second time, with students and staff members alike sporting a rainbow array of colours in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

“Students were encouraged to ‘wear it rainbow’ for the day to show their support, so they could wear coloured socks or add accessories to their uniform,” explained Alice Betts, who is Equality and Diversity Lead at Springwood.

There was also a lunchtime Pride Party, which featured competitions and music, along with activities such as cake decorating and face painting, and a photo booth where partygoers could commemorate the event.

Springwood Pride was organised by the school’s Diversity Council, which comprises 15 students from across all year groups.

Last year, they introduced a pledge encouraging people to be more accepting of each other, which stated: ‘I can be proud of who I am. I will ensure others have the safety to be proud of who they are.’

They also launched the school’s first Pride event.

“It is important that we mark this event at Springwood, because we want our school to be a welcoming place to all students, regardless of their identity,” continued Mrs Betts.

“This party was a way of celebrating, but also showing our LGBTQ+ students that they are safe at Springwood and can be proud to be themselves.”