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Springwood pupils learn lockdown lifeskills

In an era when all school children are learning some unexpected life lessons, Year 9 pupils at Springwood have been taught one of the most valuable of all, as the entire year group has signed up for first aid lessons as part of their work towards the bronze level Duke of Edinburgh award.

Students have been learning life-saving techniques through their tutor groups, with Powerpoint presentations and worksheets being used to supplement their learning while lockdown prevents them dealing with the practical side of first aid, which will be covered when they return to normal schooling.

As a result, there are now 276 First Aid qualification certificates ready to be given out to pupils at Springwood, which is part of the West Norfolk Academies Trust.

“The last year has been so disrupted for the children that for them to show such determination and dedication, and especially in pursuit of something as potentially life-changing as this, is a fantastic effort,” said Pauline Petch, Duke of Edinburgh manager for all schools in trust.  

“The DofE award scheme is all about encouraging young people to take on new challenges and new skills, to develop themselves, but here they’ve acquired something that doesn’t just benefit themselves, but could maybe one day even help save someone’s life.”

The newly trained-up students were also clearly impressed by what they had achieved.

“Doing first aid and the skill section has boosted my confidence to almost the max and seeing my friends succeed is an amazing sight too,” said Cole Massingham.

“It has given me skills that will help me throughout my life,” said classmate Jessica Bek. “I also feel it will benefit me for future education and job roles.