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Schools Update - COVID-19 Precautionary Measures - 10th June 2020

West Norfolk Academies Trust closed three bubbles at Gaywood Primary School today after a child displayed symptoms of Coronavirus (Covid-19). 

The pupil's sibling and mum are also part of the school community so the Trust took the precautionary measure to close three bubbles today.

Another sibling attends Springwood. As the pupil is not displaying any symptoms, the High School was able to relocate the bubble whilst the classroom they were in yesterday was given a deep clean. 

Neil Mindham, Gaywood Primary School Headteacher said: "As the child wasn't at school when they were symptomatic, we have been advised by Public Health England that these three bubbles can reopen following the deep clean that we are doing today."

Andy Johnson, West Norfolk Academies Trust Executive Headteacher, said that the Gaywood pupil with symptoms, as per government guidance, will isolate for seven days and be tested. The other members in his household will also need to self-isolate for 14 days.

He continued: "This includes the Springwood student who will not return to school until they have been tested. We also contacted all relevant Springwood parents this morning and they were given the option to collect their child if they wished but none did."

Roger Livesey, Chair of the Trust, added: "As we wait to discover the result of the test, we have given our parents the option to keep their child at home. 

"We have also encouraged all Gaywood Primary School parents to remind their children about social distancing and washing their hands regularly, and if their child shows any symptoms of Covid-19 to register to be tested within three days."

The Trustees of the West Norfolk Academies Trust have also approved plans for the further reopening of the Trust's four secondary schools.

Year 10 students will receive mentoring sessions at Springwood, St Clements, Marshland and Smithdon from Monday 15 June. 

Year 12 Springwood students will also receive face-to-face lessons with a morning of each subject. Key worker and vulnerable children provision will continue for other pupils for the remainder of this term.

The plan was provisionally agreed by Trustees on Monday 1 June but was only confirmed today following consultation with staff.

Roger Livesey, Chair of the Trust, "The Trustees have agreed a plan to increase our secondary school provision from June 15 based on Government guidance following consultation with staff."