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Amy Biggs

Amy Biggs

Teaching Assistant


Amy started at Springwood High School in 2019 as a Midday Supervisor, working one to one with a student at lunchtime, she also trained as an Exams invigilator. In addition to these roles, Amy began working 1 day a week as a Teaching Assistant, gradually building this up to a full-time position as a Teaching Assistant with diabetic training.

This led to her current role of Teaching Assistant in charge of Diabetic Support for Springwood students living with Diabetes. This involves monitoring their insulin levels and taking care of anything they may need regarding their diabetes, including checking medication, attending to them when they are having a diabetic reaction and making sure care plans are kept up to date. Amy also provides one to one cover for one of our wheelchair users when they may need personal support.

Amy finds working for the Trust very enjoyable and she said “the best part of my job is seeing students that I have helped in a classroom achieve what they set out to do. I enjoy seeing students that found a certain subject challenging, with help, overcome the challenge and then thrive in that same subject”.

Asked if she could give one piece of knowledge to a new staff member, she advised, “never be afraid to ask for help from any member of staff, and have confidence in yourself. My biggest achievements to date have been gaining my diabetic training and my level 5 maths.  Never doubt yourself and remember one bad day is just that, one day, tomorrow will be brighter”.