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Billy Overton

Billy Overton

Assistant Headteacher

Billy was working as a teacher for Gaywood Primary School when they joined the Trust in 2017.  In November 2022 he started a short-term secondment at Walpole Cross Keys Primary Schools as Assistant Headteacher but he enjoyed the challenging role and Walpole was such a lovely school he decided to stay on a permanent basis.

He currently teaches Class 3 at the school - this is a mixture of year 4, 5 and 6 pupils. He is also the Primary Maths Lead, helping to steer the teaching and learning of mathematics in all primary schools across the Trust. This is the most enjoyable part of his role, getting to visit different schools across the Trust and helping colleagues to improve the way they deliver the subject. He said, “as with all teachers, I enjoy the relationships you get to build with pupils and share in their pride when they overcome their individual barriers to improve and produce better work”.

When asked what piece of knowledge he would you give to a new member of staff, Billy said “boring advice like managing your time effectively so you take the least amount of work home as possible, the better your work life balance the better you perform in school. But also, more fun advice like enjoy the time in school each day and embrace the obstacles, hurdles and challenges that come your way”.

“Working in Primary Education means you wear many hats, I've enjoyed running successful sports teams, getting good SATs results, leading subjects effectively so it's difficult to pinpoint a biggest achievement. I do enjoy being able to really turn a child's confidence around - doing this for a handful of specific children is one of the things I'm most proud of.”