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Julie Nussey

Julie Nussey

School Receptionist 

Snettisham Primary School 

Julie joined the Trust in June 2023 as School Receptionist at Snettisham Primary School. She has extensive experience and has worked in administrative roles in schools, both in Norfolk and in
North Yorkshire. She said, “I have a broad understanding of how the school administrative system works and even though I have not worked in a school office for a while, everything has come flooding back to me!”

She has settled in at Snettisham Primary easily and said “everyone has been incredibly friendly and helpful, I have received so much support. The best part of my job has to be making a difference - helping to improve the daily lives of those in the school. I am also enjoying supporting the Friends of the School, they do an amazing job raising funds for pupils, including a fully funded trip to the pantomime for the whole school this year.”

One piece of knowledge she would pass on to a new member of staff, would be “ask if you don’t know something - there is always someone within the Trust who can help. And retain a sense of humour! “

Julie studied for a Certificate in School Business Management and the biggest achievement in her working life was introducing a new system for pupils receiving free school meals which ensured their anonymity. She said, “parents and pupils were very pleased with this change, and I felt it made a big difference, as the old system was very antiquated”.

In her personal life, Julie’s biggest achievement is bringing up two amazing children, and she said “I hope I treat all children within our school as I would like my own children to have been treated”.